Discuss your thoughts using Texts, links, pictures or videos - with people having common interests.


Follow your favorite topics that kindle your interest and stay updated.


Get notifications when - People like and comment on your posts, when someone in your contacts joins, when people follow you etc.


Search and follow people on Minits.


Save posts which you would like to read or refer to later on.


Upvote posts that you like and downvote posts that seem irrelevant.

Follow your interests, express your thoughts and stay updated!

Minits is a social space to express your thoughts, exchange knowledge and ideas with people who share your interests. People are always on the lookout to learn something new everyday from other people, and Minits can just help with that. Have any doubts you would like to clarify, find something interesting that you would like to discuss - share it across with the people on Minits who would love to see it and give their thoughts, opinions or ideas.

Minits helps you stay up to date with topics that interest you by getting you results from real people. Irrelevant results can be downvoted.

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